My Bands

Miss Freddye’s Blues Band Miss Freddye's Blues Band 2016

When people ask me about Miss Freddye’s Blues Band, I tell them we’re known for our mix of high energy Chicago blues along with that sweet southern soulful blues sound!

My vocals tell you that “Blues is more than just a Faze!” I am sultry & rough rising when belting out a story thru the music I sing!

Greg “G-man” Casile plays blues guitar like he’s talking in a smoked filled room full of players and gamblers. His playing commands attention holding the unsuspecting audience spellbound by the blues in the making coming from his heart and through his amplifier!

Greg “Bootleg” Sejko lays down a smooth, solid no nonsense bass when he’s keeping the rhythm section on the line. Setting up blues bass is what he does that’s gives you more than just a Faze!

Tim “Mick” McDermott is the other half of the rhythm section. Going back to roots blues basics is what he’s all about! Staying in the pocket, giving all that he has and then some!

Bob “Bobby Deal” Powers commands the lap steel guitar! He slides up and down making your love for blues ten fold. He gets right, nice and tight, and ain’t no fuss or fight!

Loving those blues is what this band will have you do! I’m the front woman for this Pittsburgh based blues band! We have performed in festivals, community fairs, local and regional venues, and local charities.

“If you need booking info on any of Miss Freddye’s bands, contact her & she’ll get back to you ASAP!”

┬áMiss Freddye’s Home Cookin’ TrioMiss Freddye & The Home Cookin' Trio

Miss Freddye’s Homecookin Trio is just that! We’re cookin up music that’ll keep you coming back for more!

While keeping it bluesy, I vocally explore the genre’s of gospel, classic rock and even a hint of country & bluegrass in this trio.

Mike Huston has developed a nice acoustic style of blues guitar, keyboard, and vocals. He brings his love of music to blend into my story telling thru music!

Bob DiCola has the rhythm section on congas and a few other percussion pieces he pulls out from his bag of goodies! He keeps the pace, dancing with his hands as he lays down the beat for the music we make together as a trio!

Miss Freddye’s Home Cookin’ Trio is well suited for smaller venues or situations that require a more laid back sound such as supper clubs or upscale lounge music.

We also perform for local and regional churches, local and regional community fairs, private parties, and a number of charities. When fans come up to thank us, I know the music we do is more than just a Faze!